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New Site Information

The committee agreed to a redesign of the web site for easier maintainance.  The web site was written in bespoke HTML, but is now developed under Wordpress, a popular web site package, allowing someone with basic computer skills to take over if need be.  There were three changes:-

1. The site is now sleeker but more consistent and easier to navigate
2. Notices are on the front (home) page, in reverse chronological order.  I.E. latest first.  You can access all past notices via the archive beneath the current notices.
3. There is no contact form, but a list of contact addresses.
(This is due to the EU GDPR, - well intentioned but badly drafted)

The old home page http://swf-u3a.org.uk redirects automatically to the new site.  If you have old bookmarks, these will give you 404 errors unless updated to the new page.  It is smplest to delete any bookmarks that give errors and set new ones as needed.  Hosting continues at Host Presto.

New Site Guide

Each page of the site has the same layout and is divided into three panes.  The strip at the top contains the site title and navigation menu and is the same for every page.  The strip at the right contains notices and news items and is the same for every page.  The remainder of the page contains the page contents, selected by the navigation menu.  See theimage of the home page below.

The menu consists of six items which correspond to the six main sections of the site.  If the menu item is a single title it will lead to a single page when clicked on.  If it has a small v beside it will lead to an initial heading page with sub pages below it.  These will show up as a drop down menu if you hover your mouse over the v or menu item.  Note that this pop-up sub menu does not replace the main menu item, but is additional.  In the example shown there are three web pages; "About us", "Committee" and "Joining".  The "Joining" page also has sub pages.  The sub menus close if the mouse is moved away from the menu item or the drop down indicator (the v).  Why is it like this?

The remaining section is the news section.  Wordpress started out as a blogging system and this section derives from that.  Although notices once issued could be deleted when they are no longer relevant, by leaving them there, a history of past notices builds up which can searched with the search box at the top, or browsed with the month links further down.  By default, the last six items are shown (configurable).  It is hoped that, as well as making announcements at the monthly meetings, coordinators will email any news items to the webmaster where they can be pasted into a notice.  By this means we hope to make the web site more topical.  It will also help anyone who can't get to a monthly meeting.

There is a section at the bottom of the news called META with a sign in link..  Ignore this, it is for the administrators when they update the site.

Initially while the new site was being developed some of the lower level pages were shared between the old and new site.  These have all been converted so once you have entered the new site you should stay there (apart from groups who have there own web pages).  If the old menu pops up it means I have missed one.  If this happens you can get back to the new site using your browser's [back] control.

If you have any problems you can email me at webmaster@swf-u3a.org.uk.

Page revised July 2018 to bring it up to date

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