Year end accounts


As we are nearing the end of the financial year can you please let me have your group year end accounts for the period from 1/4/16 – 31/3/17.

I would appreciate this information by the first week of April as I need to submit all the accounts to the auditor so they can be audited in time for the AGM.

If your group does not retain money and are coming to the co-ordinators meeting on Monday 27th. March, you can sign my annual review as a ‘nil return’, otherwise could you please let me know by Email, (see committee page).

Many thanks.
Allen Surrey
U3A Treasurer

Launch of new website

When you use the standard URL of you will get directed to a new page where you can chose the new or the old version. It also explains the reasons for change.

For an initial period they will run in parallel, you should choose the new version which should be easier to use once you are used to it.  The old one is still available in case you need it, but we hope to shut it down as soon as we are sure there are no problems.  At this stage the choice page will be removed and the standard URL will take straight to the new site.

You can email me, the webmaster, at if you have any concerns or questions.