A resolution was passed at this year’s AGM which required an amendment to our constitution.  This has now been done and the new constitution can be accessed here.

Membership Renewal

If you haven’t paid your subscription yet for the new year, they became payable after the AGM at the beginning of May and are due by the end of the month.

We changed the format of the membership form this year, so please don’t use the old form.  If you have this stored on your PC, please delete it and print a fresh copy from here.  If you have a bookmark, please delete it as it was picking up the form from the old site.  These have now been deleted.

You should always print the form from the current web site to ensure you have the latest version.

Rearrangement of the menu

I have noticed that menu items that have multiple levels do not display well if placed too far to the left within the menu.  Each level that is opened is placed to the left of the existing structure.  This results in lower levels moving off the screen and thus are not visible (at least in some browsers).  I have left the home page (which has no lower levels) as the first and moved contact (which also has no lower levels) next to it.  I have placed meetings (which only has 1 lower level) third.  The remaining menu items follow in their original order, but no longer give problems with showing the lower levels.

I hope this change does not cause you any inconvenience.

The “<” character on a menu item indicates it has sub menus, click to display them.


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Programme for the coming year.

The 2018 programme of speakers was added to the site in December 2017 as a notice.  The then current programme (2017) was left in place as it was still active.  In January 2018 this should have been replaced, but I forgot.  I have now noticed and corrected the situation, with help from Janice.  The programme is still in the December archive, if you have got used to looking for it there, that will still work, but you can now also find it where it should be.

We used to keep an archive of all the past newsletters on the web site, but have had to discontinue this due the space needed. All the past newsletters (with a couple of exceptions) are still available in machine readable form, (mostly PDF, some in HTML), and can be made available for research purposes on application to the webmaster. This archive also contains details of past speakers.

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