Notice of AGM

The 2019 AGM is due in May and the secretary has issued this  notice to all.








You are invited to attend our AGM and we hope to see as many people as possible.   Please send any resolutions you wish to be addressed to the Secretary by 12  April 2019


The first part of the meeting will deal with the business of our U3A and the second part will be our speaker, Graham Bendall – The Life of a Gamekeeper




  1. Notice of convening the AGM
  2. Apologies for Absence
  3. Minutes of the previous year
  4. Chairperson’s Report and Matters Arising
  5. Adoption of Annual report
  6. Treasurer’s Report and Matters Arising
  7. Adoption of Financial Statement
  8. Appointment of Examiner of Accounts
  9. Election of Officers 2019-2020
  10. Election of Executive Committee 2019-2020
  11. Any resolutions received by Friday 12 April 2019
  12. Speaker


Refreshments will be served.



  • Copies of Annual Report and Minutes from the previous AGM will be available at the meeting.


  • Written nominations for Officers and Committee Members should reach the Secretary by 12 April 2019. Each nominee must agree to be nominated.  If none are received for any vacancy nominations can be made at the meeting.


We hope to see as many members as possible.


Please note only members will be eligible to vote.




Secretary: Janice Tyas, 55 Clements Green Lane, SWF CM3 5JS


You can download a copy of this word document, agm notice 2019

Bulletin Board removed

On the 24th of December phpBB software used for our bulletin board released a new version and our bulletin board stopped working.  Today I upgraded to the latest release but the update failed.

Since the bulletin board was hardly used I have deleted it to save space and resolve the Google Search Emgine errors that were occurring.


JG (webmaster)

U3A Meeting 3 OCTOBER


We will be joined by Crouch Valley U3A for a presentation on Cyber Crime by Barry Linton from Thorpe Bay U3A and David Gibb from Essex Police.  

Free admission will be by ticket only and the meeting will start at 1.30pm prompt and finish by 4pm.   Tea and coffee will be served in the interval and refreshment donations will be given to an agreed charity.    

There will be no business at the meeting and no group tables in the multipurpose hall.


This notice is about how our site relates to security issues. All is secure, this is only to document the situation. You do not need to read this unless you are interested in it.

Safe sites and HTTPS

This site does not collect any information from users, it is display only, and so does not require the use of encryption for your security (HTTPS protocol). It is safe to use although it does not display the padlock icon.

There is some confusion, caused by Google, that sites that do not use HTTPS (we use HTTP) and therefore do not display a green padlock are unsafe.

This is only true if the site is collecting information from you via a web form that you fill in. Shopping sites that want you to enter a credit card for example. You should never enter any personal information into a site unless it uses HTTPS protocol (the URL will start with HTTPS). To help you know if it is safe your browser displays a small green padlock icon next to the web address if it is safe. If it isn’t the padlock could be open and red, or you might have a globe icon instead (it depends on your browser).

  Example of padlock in Opera.

 Our site in Opera.

If the web site (or page) does not collect any information, like our site, then the padlock is irrelevant.

Google have unilaterally decided to try and enforce the use of encryption on all sites. They are planning initially to downrate sites without encryption, which means they will show lower down in search results. Later on they may even omit them completely from search results. This will not stop a web site from working, but might make it hard to find. Unfortunately, to use encryption requires a cost to purchase a security certificate, which has to be renewed each year.

For the time being we will continue to use HTTP, but our site is safe to use. The padlock is meaningless, as you cannot submit any information to us via your browser, since we do not have any web forms.


The new GDPR regulations require consent for cookies. Unfortunately the people drafting the legislation do not understand how the web works and it is badly worded. The regulations say that permission must be given before cookies are stored. What they really mean is that permission must be given for cookies that contain personal information or are used for tracking.
Some sites use cookies to track your browsing history and sell this information to marketing agencies. This is what the legislation is aimed at. Unfortunately many web sites understand the web even less well than the legislators and they pop up confirmation dialogs where you have to give your permission to set cookies (every time you visit the home page) even though they do not set any tracking or personal information cookies.

We have tested our site for compliance and therefore do not need to ask for your permission because we do not set any cookies ourselves, (some cookies are required to make the internet work, these are not covered by the legislation and do not contain sensitive information). Since we are compliant, we are not going to introduce an annoying, unnecessary pop-up every time you visit the site.

Newsletter for June.

The June  newsletter is now available on the website and the May newsletter moved to last-month (see the menu item Newsletter).

We have now started our new year, with a new chairman.  If you have not paid your subscription (like me), then get it in as soon as possible and email Shiela to let her know you will be renewing.  There is always the danger of slipping to the back of the queue if there is a wait list and you haven’t paid by June 1st.


A resolution was passed at this year’s AGM which required an amendment to our constitution.  This has now been done and the new constitution can be accessed here.

Membership Renewal

If you haven’t paid your subscription yet for the new year, they became payable after the AGM at the beginning of May and are due by the end of the month.

We changed the format of the membership form this year, so please don’t use the old form.  If you have this stored on your PC, please delete it and print a fresh copy from here.  If you have a bookmark, please delete it as it was picking up the form from the old site.  These have now been deleted.

You should always print the form from the current web site to ensure you have the latest version.